Our Story

The concept of Golden Palms Foundation started as a seed in 1991 when Alvin McQueen was serving as a merchant sailor, whilst upon one of his global voyages landed on the shores of Madras India now called Chennai.

It was at a junction whilst sitting in an auto-rickshaw that a woman appeared thrusting her malnourished child into his face groaning for help. Her sunken eyes, fragile frame standing amidst abject poverty crushed his heart.

He reached out to give her money, but she wouldn’t take it, she wanted her baby rescued for a new life and new hope. The rickshaw took off and she fell to her knees with tears streaming down her face leaving a lasting impression on Alvin’s heart. At that instance, he prayed and asked God if he allows him to become a missionary to take him back to India.

In 2015 Alvin prayers were answered when he got a call to minister at a school in India, he ended up travelling 12 states spending 8 months, attending to the humanitarian aid of the sick, poor and needy.

Upon his return in 2016 the structure for Golden Palms Foundation came into effect as people donated clothing, funds, time and sponsorship to aid the educational needs, of thousands of students across various states in India (Kerela, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka). Additionally, extending to students in neighbouring Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Restoration of communities through liberty, hospitality, education and health, remains the essence of Golden Palms foundation. Through our sponsorship programmes, we aim to identify and eradicate poverty one village at a time, establishing family unities and community development.

Every person deserves a chance, every family deserves to be united, every community to stand as a light beacon of love.

Help us to inspire, to aspire before any more communities expire.

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