About Us

Golden Palms Foundation is a UK based Christian organisation serving South East Asia and Africa. Working together with communities, hospitals, schools, partners and supporters, we robustly champion transforming the lives of those vulnerable and in need. Without prejudice we serve the nations with the love of God, to bring health, education, sanitation, water and valuable resources to rebuild families and their communities.

As a Christian organisation, we seek to inspire through hands-on projects directing our focus on the physical, emotional and intellectual abilities of those in need. Encouraging them to aspire to reach their goals with great hope.

Our vision for humanity: Transforming lives through education and service.
Our prayers are for: Peace and goodwill to all men.

Is to promote independence to the poor, give light to those in darkness, heal the broken-hearted, restoring health to the sick, seeking justice and liberty for those that are persecuted and oppressed.

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